Love it or Leave it

Prize: Headband and Scrunchie

Each Round

Love it or Leave it will be played on TikTok on Thursday 2/9 at 9:00pm eastern.

Grab a spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where?

Love it or Leave it will be played on TikTok Live! Check above for the next date!

How to join?

You can grab a spot (or more) here or right above!

How does it work?

Each round will have 10 spots.

You are allowed to say leave it twice on the product we are drawing, on the third draw you have to keep what is picked.

If you are not present and your name is drawn you will win the first pick.

There are no limits on how many spots you want to buy.

Only one winner per round.

We are doing a last man standing type of game. Which means, all 10 names will be on the wheel, the wheel will spin and eliminate each name until there is 1 name left on the wheel. The last name on the wheel, will be the winner.

No discounts will be allowed to be used on this item.

Who can join?

Open to All!


USA: You will not have to pay shipping. We got it covered.

International: You will need to cover shipping and any taxes/duties due.